WiFi Tips
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How much does it cost to install a single wireless access point?
Description: How much does it cost to install a single wireless access points? Unfortunately, some campus buildings have limited or no wireless network access availability. If your campus departmental unit needs wireless network coverage, please submit a Remedy ticket to ITS-NETWIFI group to schedule a site survey. The cost per indoor wireless access point is currently […]
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Are static wireless IP addresses allowed on campus?
Description: Due to the roaming nature of wi-fi/wireless (it is a mobile technology, after all), the dynamic load balancing nature of the lightweight AP protocol, and for security reasons, it is not possible to get a campus static wireless IP address. We have implemented policies on all campus SSIDs to disallow static IP addresses. You may […]
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How do I register my IP address with the campus DNS?
Description: You should first contact your departmental IT support administrator. They can help evaluate your needs and let you know what what IP addresses are appropriate and available for your use. Include that information when you submit an online help request via the campus Remedy system. If you do not have an ONYEN or access to […]
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Data Network Infrastructure Policy
Description: As with any large public utility, such as basic telephony services or electrical distribution, the University communications infrastructure needs to be centrally planned, managed and maintained. It is only through centrally coordinated information technology strategic planning and implementation that the core technology goals of the institution are met. An aggregation of separate, discrete, and privately-managed […]
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ITS Wireless Networking Policy Statement
Description: As Information Technology Services (ITS) has been mandated by the University to manage the campus network “from the wall-plate to the Internet”, in order to ensure reliability, integrity and interoperability, it is also the responsibility of ITS to ensure the integrity and appropriate use of the campus “radio space” in terms of wireless networking. Even […]
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