Research Computing Resources and Services (Boilerplate)
Description: (A downloadable PDF is here: Research_Computing_Resources_and_Services_for_Researchers_20170307) UNC-Chapel Hill recognizes that computational resources are an important part of research endeavors, and that research varies with respect to its data and processing demands, and also with respect to the need to compute, modify theories/codes, re-compute, etc..  UNC-Chapel Hill is also committed to providing a base computational resource […]
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Installing ArcGIS 10.x Desktop on Windows (Onyen Restricted)
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GIS application – GIS Common FAQs
Description: Table of Contents What is GIS? Is there a machine anywhere on campus where I can use GIS software? Does anyone teach any GIS classes at UNC? How do I subscribe to uncgis and ESRI mail lists? Additional help What is GIS? “A GIS is a computer system capable of capturing, storing, analyzing, and displaying […]
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GIS application – ArcInfo
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up environment and invoking from a Research Computing server Short courses FAQs Documentations Useful links More Information Overview ArcInfo is the most complete GIS. It is the de facto standard for GIS professionals. ArcInfo includes all the functionality of ArcEditor, ArcView, and ArcReader and adds advanced spatial analysis, extensive data […]
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How to request an ArcGIS 10.x Authorization File (Onyen Restricted)
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Research Computing: Contact Us
Description: By Web Complete the web form Submit a Help Request.  In the “Choose the Department or Service you need assistance with” drop-down, select ITS Services then under “Type of Help Needed” drop-down, select Research Computing. In the Problem Description box, describe the problem and specify your operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.), the name/version of the […]
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