Mathematical and Statistical Application – Mathematica
Description: Overview Mathematica provides a fully integrated environment for technical computing. The usage of Mathematica is not only in the physical sciences, engineering and mathematics but also in the social science and commerce. It is also an important tool in computer science and software development. An overview of Mathematica’s key features is presented in the Tour […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Stata – Common FAQs
Description: Why do I get “.smcl” files when I try to output “.log” files in Stata? How can I change the format of data for my axes in my graph? How can I convert a string date variable into date formats that can be used for age calculations? Why is that when I attempted to paste […]
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Research Computing: Contact Us
Description: By Web Complete the web form Submit a Help Request.  In the “Choose the Department or Service you need assistance with” drop-down, select ITS Services then under “Type of Help Needed” drop-down, select Research Computing. In the Problem Description box, describe the problem and specify your operating system (Linux, Windows, etc.), the name/version of the […]
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