Grant Access to an Image in the VCL
Description: Overview Once you have created a new image, there are a few things you have to do to allow other people to use it. If you don’t have access to do any of the following steps, you will need to get a VCL administrator to do them for you. When you create a new image, […]
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LSF (Load Sharing Facility)
Description: Table of Contents Overview Learn more Additional help Overview We use LSF (Load Sharing Facility) from Platform Computing, Inc. for job management. It helps us balance the workload on our central computational servers while giving you access to the software and hardware you need to get your work done regardless of where you are logged […]
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Research Computing Application – SSH Secure Shell
Description: Overview This document describes how to install SSH Secure Shell on a Microsoft Windows computer. SSH Secure Shell is available to students, faculty, and staff in accordance with the Non-Commercial license agreement found on the UNC Software Acquisition web site. This software will allow you to connect to Research Computing servers and run applications in […]
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LSF – Monitoring and Controlling Jobs
Description:   Table of contents Overview bjobs bhist bhosts bpeek bkill bstop bresume Additional help Overview With LSF a number of commands are at your disposal to control the job status and monitor the progress of your submitted jobs. Below are some of the most useful LSF commands. To learn more about any of the commands […]
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Basic Information about Images in the VCL
Description: Creation To create an image, you start by using a base image or another existing image as your “base”, install whatever applications or make whatever changes you want, then save it as a new image. You can also make updates to images that you’ve created, and save that as a new version of that image. […]
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Scientific Software Applications
Description: The Research Computing group offers a wide variety of scientific software applications and tools for researchers on campus. These software applications are available for many of the Research Computing servers. Selecting any of the applications below will lead you to a listing of the information provided by the Research Computing group about that application, including […]
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Scientific Application – CPMD
Description: Overview The CPMD code is a plane wave/pseudopotential implementation of Density Functional Theory, particularly designed for ab-initio molecular dynamics. Its first version was developed by Jurg Hutter at IBM Zurich Research Laboratory starting from the original Car-Parrinello codes. During the years many people from diverse organizations contributed to the development of the code and of […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Maple – Common FAQs
Description: I am a new Maple user and I do not know how to program in Maple. What should I do? Maple’s syntax is very intuitive and not complicated. The best way to learn how to use Maple is to take “The New User’s Tour.” The “New User’s Tour” presents the fundamental Maple commands that every […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – SAS – Using SAS on a Research Computing server
Description:   Table of Contents Introduction Differences in SAS between Platforms Basic Linux commands Modes for running SAS on a Research Computing server Additional help Introduction This document is intended for users with some prior experience using SAS on other platforms (e.g., Windows). The goal of this document is to give you as smooth of a […]
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Mathematical and Statistical Application – Mathematica – Common FAQs
Description: What do I do if I get a “font error” message when trying to invoke Mathematica using a X-Windows client? When you try to invoke interactive Mathematica on an Research Computing server displaying graphics with a X-Windows client on your Microsoft1W Windows computer, if you get the error: Startup Error: The Mathematica fonts are not […]
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