Installing SAS 9.3 on Windows (Onyen Restricted)
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Using ITS Research Computing’s Secure FTP Server (Onyen Restricted)
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About the TarHeel Linux Build
Description: TarHeel Linux is developed and supported by a team from ITS Research Computing. It is an enhanced version of the popular, stable, and Open Source Linux distribution, CentOS, which in turn, is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It has been secured for the UNC environment, and takes advantage of many services offered by Research […]
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Setting up Environment and Invoking Cambridge Structural Database on Killdevil via UNIX Desktop (SGI, SUN, Linux, etc.)
Description: Setting up Environment and Invoking Cambridge Structural Database on Killdevil via UNIX Desktop (SGI, SUN, Linux, etc.) Note: You must be a “tcsh” or “csh” user to benefit from the full functionality of this package. Before accessing Cambridge Structural Database from UNIX machines, the following steps should be done. If you have already setup for […]
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Getting Started on Database Services
Description: Overview ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core KillDevil Linux cluster ; a 6,500 core Longleaf Linux cluster. If you are new to Linux, this document will be helpful when starting out on any of the above research computing servers Linux: Getting […]
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Getting Started on VCL
Description: Introduction Basic VCL Help Accessing the VCL Introduction Research Computing offers a virtualization service called the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). Originally developed by NC State University in collaboration with IBM, the VCL provides users with anytime, anywhere access to custom application environments created specifically for their use. By simply using a web browser, users can […]
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Serial/Parallel Computing
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Invoking Compilers and Submitting Jobs Additional help Introduction Research Computing group provides both serial and parallel computing environments for a number of platforms. Each of our servers provides compilers for such programming languages as FORTRAN 77, FORTRAN 90/95, C, C++, etc. In the following sections, we give a brief introduction on […]
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Research Computing Benchmarks
Description: Performance of supercomputers and clusters at UNC Research Computing is one of the major issues that users are interested in knowing more about. To this end, two kinds of benchmarks have been performed on our machines: 1. performance comparisons of serial and parallel jobs on our available machines; 2. performance comparison of different compilers available […]
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Scientific Application – Discovery Studio
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up Environment and Invoking from a Research Computing Server Installing Locally on a Windows Machine Links Additional Help Overview Discovery Studio is a single unified, easy-to-use, graphical interface for powerful drug design and protein modeling research. Discovery Studio contains both established gold-standard applications (e.g., Catalyst, MODELER, CHARMm, etc.) with years […]
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Visualization Application – Molden
Description: Overview Molden is a package for displaying molecular density. It is designed to read output files of the Ab Initio packages, Gamess and Gaussian, and the Semi-Empirical packages Mopac/Ampac. Molden is capable of displaying Molecular Orbitals, the electron density and Molecular minus Atomic density. It can write a wide variety of graphics instructions: postscript, X-Windows, […]
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