Getting Started on VCL
Description: Introduction Basic VCL Help Accessing the VCL Introduction Research Computing offers a virtualization service called the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). Originally developed by NC State University in collaboration with IBM, the VCL provides users with anytime, anywhere access to custom application environments created specifically for their use. By simply using a web browser, users can […]
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Setting User Preferences in the VCL
Description: Setting Email Preferences The VCL can send email notifications for events such as when reservation requests are ready, when they are about to expire, or when a reservation fails for some reason. You can elect to receive these emails or not receive them if you wish. Click User Preferences Click General Preferences Select the radio […]
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Help Procedures for the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL)
Description: Overview Basic Information About Images Making a Reservation Create a New Image Grant Access to an Image Update an Image User Preferences Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Get Help From Research Computing Overview What is the VCL? VCL provides users remote access to hardware and software that they would otherwise have to install themselves, or visit […]
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Creating a Linux Image in the VCL
Description: Create a Linux Image 1. Select “Manage Images“. 2. Select “Create / Update an Image” -> Submit 3. From the pull-down menu, select the base image you would like to start with. Examples: TarHeel Linux, SL 6 (Full Blade) “Bare-metal” TarHeel Linux (Scientific Linux 6) image. Use (Full Blade) if you plan to install resource […]
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Creating a Windows Image in the VCL
Description: Create a Windows Image 1. Go to the VCL home page 2. Select “Manage Images” from the left navigation bar 3. Select “Create / Update an Image” and then click Submit 4. From the base image pull-down menu, select a base image to start with. Examples: Base No Apps, Windows7 64bit (Full Blade) “Bare-metal” Windows […]
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VCL Frequently Asked Questions
Description: Basic Information Help Procedures for the VCL Reservations What if I need more time on my current reservation? What if I need more time on my reservation than the VCL allows? How do I turn on/off email notifications for reservations? Files and Data How can I copy files between my PC and my VCL session? […]
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Making a Reservation for an Image in the VCL
Description: Making a Reservation 1. Go to the VCL Home page. 2. If you are not already authenticated, you will be presented with a login screen. Select your affiliation and proceed to login. 3. Click the ‘Reservation’ link. 4. Click the New Reservation button. 5. Based on your level of access, you will be presented with […]
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Grant Access to an Image in the VCL
Description: Overview Once you have created a new image, there are a few things you have to do to allow other people to use it. If you don’t have access to do any of the following steps, you will need to get a VCL administrator to do them for you. When you create a new image, […]
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Basic Information about Images in the VCL
Description: Creation To create an image, you start by using a base image or another existing image as your “base”, install whatever applications or make whatever changes you want, then save it as a new image. You can also make updates to images that you’ve created, and save that as a new version of that image. […]
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Updating an Image in the VCL
Description: Updating an Image Updating images is a simliar process to Creating new images. In order to update an image the user must be the owner of the image. The ownership of an image can be transferred by the original owner of that image or by a VCL site administrator. How to update a VCL image: […]
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