[Exchange] ActiveSync Encryption for Mobile Devices
Description: The Information Security Office and the Exchange support team have collaborated to create and test ActiveSync mailbox rule changes that will go into effect on May 5, for ITS departmental staff members. This change will require that any smartphone/tablet trying to check University email via Exchange have the following three security settings in place: A […]
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How to Create a PIN for Use with your RSA Hardware Token (Onyen Restricted)
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Information Security Liaisons (Onyen Restricted)
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Exporting or Importing a Profile in Identity Finder
Description: If you get a new computer, you may want to export your Identify Finder profile from your old machine to the new one. If you performed an IDF scan on the old machine, the old profile would contain locations that you ignored due to false positives. If you migrated your documents to a new computer, the […]
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Sensitive Workstation Controls
Description: The Sensitive Workstation Controls table is intended to support the Sensitive Information Remediation (SIR) and Security Network Attached Storage (SecNAS) projects by providing clear, interim (effective from May 15, 2014 to June 1, 2015) guidance regarding standards required to be met for workstations that access, process, or store sensitive, University-owned information prior to connection to SecNAS. […]
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How to Create a PIN for Use with your RSA SecurID Token
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How to enable a firewall on Windows and Mac OS X?
Description: To protect the campus network from the spread of viruses and malware, we require all computers to have a firewall installed, enabled and configured to block malicious traffic. A firewall provides a layer of protection between your computer and the internet. It serves as a barrier and can help defend against someone attempting to access […]
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Update Your Software Regularly
Description: As a best practice the University recommends that you keep your software up to date on a regular basis.  This software includes, Operating Systems, Web Browsers, and Web applications/ web browser plug-ins.  Leaving these unattended can leave them open to attacks and breach in sensitive information. How to update you operating system: Windows Turn on […]
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iPad Hardening Procedure
Description: The objective of this hardening procedure is to restrict the iPad to a single use device.  Please note that completing the steps outlined in this document will minimize the functionality of your iPad. Enable passcode lock Setting a passcode/password on your device enables data encryption.  Encrypting your device will prevent someone from accessing the data […]
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VPN Installation
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