Creating an Onyen
Description: Click the navigation arrows to scroll through images for Creating an Onyen.   Once you have created your Onyen, most services that require an Onyen to access will be available to you immediately. There are, however, a few Onyen services that will not be available for several hours. You will need to sign up for […]
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Onyen Password Challenge-Response Questions FAQs
Description: What is the Password Challenge Response System? The Onyen Password Challenge-Response System is a service UNC provides for student, faculty and staff members who have forgotten their Onyen passwords and wish to reset them without physically coming to the IT Response Center by calling 919-962-HELP (4357) or 1-866-962-4457 (US and Puerto Rico) to verify identity […]
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Onyen and Password FAQs
Description: What is an Onyen? Onyen is the name for UNC’s campus-wide identifier that you can use to gain access to various electronic resources on campus. Although it is a word, you can think of it as an acronym for the “Only Name You’ll Ever Need.” The distinctive name is intended to prevent confusion with the […]
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About the Onyen
Description: Table of Contents What is the Onyen? Affiliation Requirements Single Onyen Policy Research Accounts Ethical Standards ONYEN® Terms of Agreement Legal, Ethical, and University Policy Prohibitions Consequences of Misuse Additional Disk Space First_Last Email Aliases Forgotten Passwords Password Integrity Renaming an Onyen Onyens and Data Expiration Onyen Compromises More Information What is the Onyen? The […]
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