I just got my Onyen – when can I log in to the VPN?
Description: I just got my Onyen – when can I log in to the VPN? You should be able to log in to the VPN client as soon as you create a new Onyen.
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How to Disable Windows Autorun
Description: How to Disable Windows Autorun Background Windows operating systems have two similar features called autorun and autoplay. Autorun first appeared as a feature in Windows 95. When you insert removable media (such as a CD) in your computer, the autorun feature automatically runs a program on the removable media. Autoplay appears with Windows XP and […]
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Copyright procedure summary
Description: Overview of copyright enforcement at UNC-Chapel Hill The help.unc.edu document UNC-Chapel Hill Copyright Information and Policies contains some of the procedures that UNC-Chapel Hill has adopted to enforce copyright protection. Please note that any disciplinary action taken by the university when notified of a copyright violation linked to a computer on the UNC network may […]
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How to Fix HP Printers
Description: See the Virus pages or the Security News Alerts for information about Code Red and other viruses or worms that may be causing printers to perform stack dumps. Description of the Stack Dump Problem Printers that have been performing stack dumps (printing out pages with error codes and strange data) are being affected by various […]
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How to Configure a Firewall for Mac OS X: ipfw for Snow Leopard
Description: The following allows for the creation of granular firewalls. It has been tested on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (MacOS 10.6), Lion (MacOS10.7), and Mountain Lion (MacOS 10.8). Get to a command line interface by opening the Terminal application. Enter the following commands. sudo su <Enter> mkdir /Library/StartupItems/Firewall <Enter> chmod 755 /Library/StartupItems/Firewall <Enter> vi /Library/StartupItems/Firewall/Firewall […]
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How do I protect my computer from viruses?
Description: Effective August 1, 2013, the UNC-Chapel Hill for any antivirus software licensed by Symantec will expire.¬†Symantec will be replaced with antivirus software by Microsoft.¬† Please visit Migration from Symantec to Microsoft and What is the University’s recommended Antivirus software? for more information. Computer viruses and worms can cause many problems to your computer and our […]
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Disposal of Electronic Media at UNC-Chapel Hill
Description: Table of Contents Overview Background Considerations before Disposing of Electronic Media Disposal of Hard Drives Disposal of Electronic Media Other Than Hard Drives Overview Increasing amounts of electronic data are being transmitted and stored on computer systems and electronic media by virtually every person conducting business for UNC-Chapel Hill. Some of that data contains sensitive […]
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Best Practices for Peer to Peer Computing
Description: SAVE OUR BANDWITH “Unlimited” sharing of files makes the network slow for everyone! Allowing others to GET copyrighted files from your machine (uploading) is illegal! Downloading may or may not be a problem – it depends on whether you own copyright rights to the file. Turn your file sharing program – or your computer – […]
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Description: Conficker timeline: The Conficker worm has been targeting computers since November 2008. It has been reported that on April 1, 2009, the worm variant Conficker.C is programmed to contact 500 domains for updated virus copies or other malware. Vulnerable systems Windows 98, Windows 95, Windows XP, Windows Me, Windows Vista, Windows NT, Windows Server 2003, […]
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Windows Server 2008 R2 / Windows 7: Fundamentally Secure
Description: Slide 1 Fundamentally Secure Kevin Dean Technology Strategist | Education Southeast | Microsoft Corporation Technology Investment Areas Technology Investment Areas Virtualization Management Web Hyper-V with Live Migration Hot Add/Remove VM Storage Remote Desktop Services Power Management PowerShell 2.0 AD Administrative Center Best Practices Analyzer IIS 7.5 ASP .NET on Server Core Web Management Web Publishing […]
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