UNC-Chapel Hill Copyright Information and Policies
Description: Introduction This document provides links to various policies and resources related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act at UNC Chapel Hill. Policies University Procedure on Dealing with Possible Infringement of Intellectual Property Rights UNC Official Copyright Policy Patent and Copyright Policies and Procedures (UNC System) Resources We’ve created a Copyright Primer explaining the basics of […]
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Procedure for Regaining Network Access after a Copyright or other Acceptable Use Policy Violation
Description: In order to regain network access, you must do the following: If you received a copyright violation: always remove the infringing content. If you received a copyright violation you will need to self-enroll in the “Acceptable Use Policy training” in Sakai. Instructions should have been emailed to you. Please log into Sakai (https://sakai.unc.edu) with your […]
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Copyright procedure summary
Description: Overview of copyright enforcement at UNC-Chapel Hill The help.unc.edu document UNC-Chapel Hill Copyright Information and Policies contains some of the procedures that UNC-Chapel Hill has adopted to enforce copyright protection. Please note that any disciplinary action taken by the university when notified of a copyright violation linked to a computer on the UNC network may […]
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UNC-Chapel Hill Campus Standards for Electronic Media Disposal
Description: Table of Contents Overview Purpose Scope Policy Disposal of Hard Drives Disposal of Electronic Media Other Than Hard Drives Violation of Policy Enforcement Overview Increasing amounts of electronic data are being transmitted and stored on computer systems and electronic media by virtually every person conducting business for UNC-Chapel Hill. Some of that data contains sensitive […]
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UNC Chapel Hill Policy on Mass Email
Description: Introduction and Purpose Various offices, organizations and individuals at UNC-Chapel Hill request that mass emails be sent to all or part of the University community. An electronic mass email request system, Mass Email System ( http://www.unc.edu/massmail ), is available to support requesting, approving and scheduling official mass emails. Mass emails are not authorized except as […]
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UNC Computing Policy
Description: Emails and Phone Numbers To report acceptable use problems at UNC-Chapel Hill, call (919) 962-HELP or send email to postmaster@unc.edu . For issues involving copyrights, call (919) 962-5322 or send email to copyright@unc.edu . For issues involving system security, call 919-962-HELP or send email to security@unc.edu . For any other issues, please send email to […]
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What is Sensitive Information?
Description: Sensitive information is defined as information that is protected against unwarranted disclosure. Access to sensitive information should be safeguarded. Protection of sensitive information may be required for legal or ethical reasons, for issues pertaining to personal privacy, or for proprietary considerations. Sensitive Information includes all data, in its original and duplicate form, which contains: Personal […]
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Login Banner Message for Use with any System that Hosts Nonpublic Services
Description: Login Banner Message for Use with Any System that Hosts Nonpublic Services Please note that the following login banner message should be posted, to the degree technically feasible, on any system that hosts nonpublic services, such as any service that has restricted access through Onyen login, ssh, etc. Please contact security@unc.edu or submit a remedy […]
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Legal References for Sensitive Information
Description: Legal References for Sensitive Data The following are meant to provide a framework of legal references for use in understanding, working with, and securing sensitive information. Although no link below specifically addresses research data, be sure to recognize that some research data must also be considered sensitive information. North Carolina Identity Theft Protection Act of […]
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About the Onyen
Description: Table of Contents What is the Onyen? Affiliation Requirements Single Onyen Policy Research Accounts Ethical Standards ONYEN® Terms of Agreement Legal, Ethical, and University Policy Prohibitions Consequences of Misuse Additional Disk Space First_Last Email Aliases Forgotten Passwords Password Integrity Renaming an Onyen Onyens and Data Expiration Onyen Compromises More Information What is the Onyen? The […]
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