WiFi Tips
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About the TarHeel Linux Build
Description: TarHeel Linux is developed and supported by a team from ITS Research Computing. It is an enhanced version of the popular, stable, and Open Source Linux distribution, CentOS, which in turn, is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. It has been secured for the UNC environment, and takes advantage of many services offered by Research […]
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UNC Red Hat Network Satellite Server Documentation
Description: RHN Satellite Management Interface When you visit http://rhnsat.unc.edu, you will find a selection of tools that enable you to administer your Red Hat Linux systems. How to register a system Use your web browser to download http://rhndists.unc.edu/pub/rhn-register-unc.sh Edit the rhn-register-unc.sh file with a text editor (like vi) and replace the x’s in the AK=”xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx” line […]
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