Lenovo System Update Version
Description: As a best practice the University recommends that you keep your software up to date on a regular basis.  This software includes system maintenance software such as Lenovo’s System Update. How to check your Lenovo System Update version: Click on the Start Menu. Click on All Programs. Click on ThinkVantage. Click to launch System Update. Click the green […]
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Remedy Services
Description: The Remedy Services and Development team supports the faculty, staff and students of UNC Chapel Hill in use of the Remedy Action Request System, comprised of customized applications including the UNC-Request for Service (RFS), Computer Repair Center (CRC) application, Group Information (GI), and the Online Help Request (OLHR) application. These applications afford campus technical professionals […]
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Group Data Administrator Tool
Description: Group Data Administrators (GDA’s) are liaisons between the Remedy group and Remedy Services. They maintain certain group-specific data for the group as a whole and make data requests to Remedy Services.   Currently, GDA’s access their group’s data in separate applications: the Categorization Tool and the Group Information Tool. The purpose of the new Group Data […]
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Online Help Request
Description: The Online Help Request application has been re-designed with help and feedback from the campus community. Please view the following screenshots for more information on the new features of the Online Help Request application. Watch the video!   Search feature: The new Search feature streamlines the request creation process by providing customers with a quick […]
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Setting up CCI printing on Linux
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Software Requirements Installing CCI_Printing Introduction This document walks you through the process of installing the CCI_Printing queue to enable printing from your Linux machine to any of the CCI printing stations located on campus. (Note: The residence hall locations are restricted to the residents of those buildings.) In most cases, your […]
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Accessing Remedy from Off-Campus (Onyen Restricted)
Description: -
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Free Tech Resources
Description: This PDF linked describes IT resources at UNC-Chapel Hill that are free for students to use.  This information was originally composed by Student Government as a service for students by students. Free Tech Resources
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How to Extract Data from Remedy for Reporting Purposes
Description: The Remedy Desktop Client provides users with the ability to export ticket data for reporting purposes. Here is a quick example on how to export to .csv a list of your Group’s Open Tickets. You can perform these same steps with the results of any search you run in Remedy, including advanced searches.  For more information […]
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ThinkPad Helix [3701-1J3]
Description: Table of Contents Specifications More Information Model Type Distributed Between Manufacturer’s Warranty Recovery CD Title 3701-1J3 Laptop/Tablet 4/13 – 10/14 3 Year On-Site Warranty Image on Hidden partition of hard drive  Specifications Hardware Configuration Processor Intel Core i7-3667U on System Board (Dual Core 3.2 GHz, 4 MB Cache) Fixed-Disk 128GB Micro SSD SATA3 Memory 8 GB, […]
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CCI Software Load – Windows 8 64bit
Description: This is a list of the software that is installed as part of the CCI Software Load. Windows 8 64bit Image: Released on Nov 1st 2013 Windows 8.1 64-bit Adobe Instructional Resource Center Mozilla Firefox 24 Adobe Photoshop Elements (Some ThinkPad models only) Adobe Premier Elements (Some ThinkPad models only) Office 2013 Sonic Creator Business […]
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