Remedy Mobile RFS
Description: This document explains the system requirements, features and functionality available in Remedy Mobile RFS. This is a "lite" version of the Remedy Request-for-Service (RFS) application that is designed for use with phones and other mobile devices.
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Remedy Desktop Client: Deleting Local Cache files
Description: Sometimes it is necessary to delete cached files in the Remedy User Client in order to troubleshoot certain issues. You will need to go to a special folder and delete certain files. But first, you will need to make sure the appropriate cache files are “searchable” by Windows 7/8. Go to “Folder Options” in Windows: […]
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Remedy Mid-Tier Supported Browsers
Description: Remedy Mid-Tier( is supported in the current versions of the following browsers: Firefox Chrome Safari Internet Explorer – Currently not supported
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Remedy HomePage Update
Description: ITS Change Notices: Recent ITS Change Notices will be displayed in a scrolling banner. To view detail information for each change, select the link to login to the onyen protected site. Changing Your Primary Group: Select the Remedy group from the drop down menu and select Update to change your group. The menu label will […]
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Remedy Change Plan Documentation
Description: The purpose of the Change Plan application is to manage changes and provide Change Notifications so that staff and clients can plan accordingly. Changes require serious forethought, careful monitoring, and followup evaluation to reduce negative impact and increase positive benefits.  For more information about the Change Notice policy please visit Index General Application Navigation […]
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In Remedy, how do I access the menu in the Severity Menu field when the field is blank?
Description: In Remedy, how do I access the menu in the Severity Menu field when the field is blank? You must make a selection from the Group Assigned field before the menu in the Severity Menu field will become available.
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How do the Field Defaults set when I open the UNC-Request For Service form?
Description: You can show the defaults by selecting Edit > Set To Defaults or pressing Ctrl + u. If you want the defaults to display automatically every time you open the form, go to Tools > Options > Behaviors and select Set Fields to Default Values in the On New section.
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How do I refresh a Remedy search without rebuilding the query?
Description: You do this by selecting View > Refresh Search within the Request for Service (RFS) or by selecting as a shortcut function key.
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How do I change my Remedy client password?
Description: Remedy uses Kerberos authentication to grant access to Remedy. Your Remedy password is your Onyen password. If you want to change your Remedy password you will need to visit the Onyen website at Changing your Onyen password will change your Remedy password as well.
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Remedy 7.6.04 Installation Guide
Description: Remedy 7.6.04  Installation Guide First back up all .arr and .arq files if you have saved Macros and reports. Once the new client is installed you can replace these into the /arcmds folder. In order to find the proper folder, go to Tools- Options- General Tab and look at the “Search Path:” Next , uninstall […]
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