Telephone Rates
Description: The Communications Fee, implemented October 1, 2006, includes domestic toll (1 +) dialing. Domestic Intrastate and Interstate rates provided in the Domestic Rate Table below are included as part of the baseline service in the Communications Fee for University Campus customers. International toll dialling (011 1 +) is not included as a baseline service in […]
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Restarting an Aastra VoIP phone
Description: Please DO NOT pick up the handset while performing the reboot instructions: AASTRA 6731i Press the Options button – this button is located as the first button on the far right side of the phone. (Note that on some phones, this button is the image of a wrench.) Press 6 Press # The phone will […]
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VoIP Voice Mailbox – Setting Up a Personal Mailbox (Onyen Restricted)
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Verizon-Certified Aastra Phone Models (2) – Aastra 6731i (Standard) and Aastra 6755i
Description: Vz Phones   Verizon HIPC Certified Aastra Phones Product Model Name & Pre Set Feature Key Type Color Aastra Part Number Verizon Material Codes SOC CODE Power Adapter: Description 6731i Universal Icon – NO AC Adapter Charcoal A6731-0131-10-55 73285104 PHNF8 Not included; If required order separtately D0023-1051-00-75 The Aastra 6731i, is an entry level yet […]
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Vonage phone FAQ for ITS
Description: Vonage phone FAQ for ITS Vonage manufactures a telephone that connects through any standard RJ-45 data link port. Although Vonage is not a supported service, it is essentially an IP device and so it is possible to connect Vonage enabled phones to the network. The Hardware address of the Vonage device will need to be […]
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How do I setup voice mail?
Description: The following steps should be completed from your own campus telephone line.  If you need to set-up voice mail from a different telephone line, or if your assigned mailbox number and phone number are not the same seven digits, please call 919-962-Help. To setup your voicemail, call 919-428-2828 & follow the instructions below: Table 1. SETTING […]
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Who uses the Verity Teleform system?
Description: Who uses the Verity Teleform system? Verity Teleform installation and support is for Orthodontics.
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Setting Up a Personal Mailbox
Description: In order to receive voice mail messages, you must complete the mailbox set up process to initialize a mailbox. The voice mail system automatically guides you via system prompts; however, you can also follow the steps outlined below. Note that a mailbox must be established with ITS Communication Technologies before it is available for setup. […]
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Cable TV (CATV) and HDTV FAQs
Description: The following FAQs pertain to the UNC-CH Cable TV (CATV) service. This service is primarily designed for on-campus residents, although some departments may subscribe to the service as well. The service is managed by Information Technology Services. Where can I find a list of the available Cable TV channels? An updated listing of the channels […]
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Where can I find information about domestic telephone rates?
Description: Where can I find information about domestic telephone rates? Please
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