Vonage phone FAQ for ITS
Description: Vonage phone FAQ for ITS Vonage manufactures a telephone that connects through any standard RJ-45 data link port. Although Vonage is not a supported service, it is essentially an IP device and so it is possible to connect Vonage enabled phones to the network. The Hardware address of the Vonage device will need to be […]
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What is H.323 (video over IP)?
Description: H.323 is a standard like ISDN, but pertains to communication over the Internet. It is a low-cost or no-cost method of videoconferencing compared to ISDN. Also, connection speeds can be higher with H.323 than with ISDN, so video quality is generally better. H.323 is less prevalent than ISDN, but is becoming more widely available.
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Best practices for use of Skype on the UNC-Chapel Hill network
Description: General Best Practices for Computer Users To ensure safe and secure computing, be sure to follow general best practices. Make sure you have the latest version of an antivirus program and be sure to download and install the latest security patches for your operating system and programs. For more information on securing your computer please […]
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