How do I register a domain name that is outside of the UNC domain
Description: For information about registering a domain name that is outside the UNC domain, visit
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Web Authoring: Forms and Counters with Mailform
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Creating Forms Using mailform Input Types Form Submission A Sample of HTML File Reserved Variables Design Your Own Output Delimited Output File About onyen and /o/n/onyen Getting the Path Controlling Automated Spam mailform Troubleshooting Tips and Reminders Adding a Counter to Your Page Introduction This tutorial covers the use of forms […]
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I set up my web page but I get an “Access denied” when I try to view it from my web browser. What’s wrong?
Description: I set up my web page but I get an “Access denied” when I try to view it from my web browser. What’s wrong? You most likely have a permissions problem. Permissions are set differently between UNIX and the AFS file system. You will need to add the group atn:webhosts to the ACL of your […]
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How to enable single sign-on to SharePoint?
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Instructions More Information Introduction You might have noticed that the UNC SharePoint Collaborative System frequently prompts you to login. It prompts you to login when you first open the site and prompts you to login again every time you open a Microsoft Office document. This can be a significant inconvenience, especially […]
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Putting Group Pages on the UNC Web
Description: Note: The service is now the preferred method for publishing personal and group websites at UNC-Chapel Hill. Learn more at About this Document This document is intended for people who are preparing group web pages. A “group” might be a department, administrative unit, student organization, or campus-wide project. To make files available, you […]
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Page Styling with CSS
Description: Introduction to Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) After working with HTML for a while it’s not unusual to become frustrated with the limitations placed upon you by the code: links must be underlined; font types on text can only be controlled with long font tags; all lines must be horizontal; and maybe most significantly, spacing options […]
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What Java services does ITS support?
Description: Introduction ITS supports Java 1.4 development and implementation using the Tomcat Servlet/JSP container. Tomcat is the servlet container used in the official Reference Implementation for the Java Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies. It is offered as a standalone servlet container or with the Apache Cocoon XML publishing framework. The Tomcat web server is great for […]
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How do I get webspace for my student organization?
Description: Go to the Student Organization Group ID Requests site, fill in the requested information, and then submit the form.
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htaccess FAQ
Description: Introduction This document addresses the .htaccess file and some of the questions that are commonly asked about its use. There are a number of things that can be done within a .htaccess file that are not frequently asked and thus are not covered. You may also want to find additional information on the items that […]
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How to Restrict Web Access Based on the Campus Directory (LDAP)
Description: Introduction and Objectives This tutorial will guide you through all the steps necessary to set up LDAP-based access restrictions for campus web space. The learning objectives for this tutorial include: Understanding the advantages of LDAP-based restrictions Learning how to set up a simple restriction based on the student role Learning how to grant access to […]
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