Creating an “always open” Zoom meeting for your Sakai site

  1. Log into with your Onyen and password.
  2. Open My Meetings, and select Schedule a New Meeting.
  3. Enter a meeting name and description.
  4. Select Recurring Meeting.
  5. Select No Fixed Time from the Recurrence options.
  6. Under Meeting Options, select Enable join before host.
  7. WARNING: DO NOT SELECT options Use Personal Meeting ID or Record the meeting automatically. If you use your Personal Meeting ID for this meeting, you won’t be able to use it for others. If you Record the meeting automatically, it will use a significant amount of cloud storage. Recording recurring meetings may be subject to deletion by UNC Zoom administrators.
  8. Copy the invitation or the Join URL and paste it into a Sakai Announcement, Message, or prominent location such as Site Info.
  9. After a semester ends, you can delete the meeting or reuse it for another Sakai course.