Moving to Zoom from Blackboard Collaborate or Collaborate Ultra


Zoom web conferencing provides the same functionality available in Blackboard Collaborate (including breakout rooms) with improved usability and additional features: 


How do I get started using Zoom with my courses?

Go to, click Sign in, and enter your Onyen and password. From the left menu, you have options to

Students join your meetings by opening the meeting’s url in a web browser. If they have not already downloaded the Zoom application, they will be prompted to do so before joining the meeting.

Zoom: Getting Started on a PC and Mac (web page) (PDF)

Zoom’s Help Center offers short video tutorials and useful help documents to help you and your students learn more about using Zoom. You can also register for live, instructor-led webinars that Zoom offers on week days.

If you or your students encounter problems or having questions about using Zoom, Zoom offers around-the-clock support via phone, chat, and online help submissions.


Collaborate was integrated with Sakai. Why isn’t Zoom?

When ITS Teaching and Learning tested integrating Zoom with Sakai@UNC, they concluded that it would be easier for faculty to use Zoom directly. While Zoom itself is easy to use, the University’s implementation of it across Schools and Departments is complex. (Only one Zoom Sub Group can be integrated with a Sakai site: if instructors and students are not members of the same Sub Group, students will not be able to access scheduled meetings.)  

From Zoom, meeting links can be copied and pasted into a Sakai announcement, message, or sharing location of the instructor’s choice.


How long can I continue to use Collaborate? 

Collaborate will be removed from Sakai@UNC on August 6, 2018. If you have been using Collaborate outside of Sakai, you can continue to do so until September 20, 2018, when the University’s license expires. However, we suggest that you transition to using Zoom as soon as possible.


How do I access Collaborate Recordings after September 20, 2018?

ITS has contracted with Blackboard to convert all Blackboard Collaborate and Collaborate Ultra recordings to MP4 files. These converted files will be stored for retrieval for at least one year. The process for requesting access to recordings will be finalized in late August, 2018.