How do I use Mobile Print on my laptop?
Description: Go to and login with ONYEN credentials.   Upon the front screen, upload any supported document.   Bottom right, change print options and then release job at any CCI Printer location (      
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Mobile Print for CCI Printing
Description: Mobile Print is a new feature of CCI Printing which allows students to submit print jobs of common file types from their mobile devices (laptop, phone and tablet) to any of the 60 CCI Printing stations across campus, including the 4 color printer.
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macOS and Printing Single Sided from a CCI Printer
Description: Trouble finding the option for 1-Sided or 2-Sided printing for CCI Printing? On Apple macOS, the option to change double/single sided printing is located in the layout options.¬†Because each program is different, the location of the window and the first option in the window may not be the same as in the image.¬† This example […]
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CCI Printing FAQs
Description: Overview Using CCI Printing One Card and Printing Balance Known Issues
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CCI Printing: Printing from a Mac
Description: Introduction The CCI Printing service enables users to send print jobs to ITS and resident-hall computing labs from their personal computer. This document instructs Mac users on how to install and configure this remote printing service. (Note: Students cannot queue documents to residence halls other than their own.) To find your Mac operating system (OS), […]
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Sending a print job to the CCI Printing Station
Description: You can use your personal computer, or a mobile device to send print jobs to the CCI print stations. You can submit documents to print from anywhere and pick them up in any of the CCI Print Stations across campus. (Note: the residence hall locations are restricted to those residents only.)¬† Mobile print can be […]
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