Virtual Lab Error – Application window does not appear on screen
Description: Problem  After opening an application on Virtual Lab from Windows, the program appears to be running in the taskbar, but never displays to the screen and allows user to interact with it. Solutions  This appears to be caused by a combination of Windows Creator Update and Citrix Receiver version installed on the machine.  We have […]
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Reinstalling Citrix Receiver
Description: Reinstalling Citrix Receiver on Windows Go to the Start Menu and enter “Programs and Features” Locate “Citrix Receiver” in the program list and choose “Uninstall”. Follow prompts to Uninstall. Download the latest version of Citrix Receiver for your operating system here. Follow prompts to install Citrix Receiver. Reinstalling Citrix Receiver on Mac Download the latest […]
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Virtual Lab Help Documents
Description:    User Guide  Receiver Installation Menu  Available Software Accessing/Saving Files Printing Frequently Asked Questions TroubleShooting Request Help
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How do I troubleshoot Virtual Lab?
Description: I cannot connect to Virtual Lab. I had unsaved data on my virtual application session when I lost connection. How do I retrieve it? I logged off the website and my application closed. I closed out my virtual application and opened it back up, but the data I saved to “Documents” is gone.  I can’t […]
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions in Virtual Labs?
Description: Where can I save data on Virtual Lab? I can’t access my files or save to my local drive while using Virtual Lab.  How do I change the access granted for my local drives? How do I access my files using a file path in programs such as R, SAS, SPSS, M Plus, etc? Which […]
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