CCI Printing FAQs
Description: Overview Using CCI Printing One Card and Printing Balance Known Issues
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Sending a print job to the CCI Printing Station
Description: You can use your personal computer, or a mobile device to send print jobs to the CCI print stations. You can submit documents to print from anywhere and pick them up in any of the CCI Print Stations across campus. (Note: the residence hall locations are restricted to those residents only.)  Mobile print can be […]
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Uninstalling CCI_Printing application from your CCI Laptop
Description: Introduction Please follow the steps below to uninstall CCI_Printing from your laptop. CCI_Printing Uninstall 1. Go to the Start Menu and select the Control Panel. 2. Click on Add/Remove Programs 3. Select CCI_Printing and click Remove. 4. Select Run Uninstaller and click Next. 5. Click Next 6. Select Pharos Popups in the text box and […]
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