Campus Storage Offerings
Description: ITS and campus stakeholders have collaborated to publish a Campus Storage Offerings matrix.  The goal is to offer a better view of the different central storage offerings across campus.  If you have questions or would like to discuss having your services represented in the matrix, please submit an email to ITS-SYSTEMS.
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Secure NAS ~snapshot Directories
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Secure NAS – Connect from Windows 7
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Secure NAS
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Getting Started on Secure NAS
Description: Introduction ITS offers a Secure Network Attached Storage (SecNAS) file service solution. The service is hosted on \\  The service is offered as a departmental solution for the storage of sensitive data.   Access is currently limited to the CIFS protocol. Departments receive a subsidized space allocation calculated against Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee count. […]
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Mass Storage – Common FAQs
Description: What is Mass Storage? Mass Storage services are available for the long-term archiving of important research data files that will be accessed infrequently. If you are interested in backing up your hard drive, go to the UNC Data Backup Options page instead. Only faculty, staff and graduate students may use the UNC Research Computing Mass […]
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Mass Storage
Description: Overview FAQs Appropriate Use Things to Avoid Creating and Accessing Space How Do I Put Files There? Availability of Accidentally Deleted Files Long Term Storage of Files How does mass storage work? Additional help Overview The Mass Storage system (also known as StorNext or /ms) is intended to be used for archiving research data files […]
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Where can I save my work in Virtual Lab?
Description: Data Storage From Your Personal Computer File Access Security Settings Changing File Access Security Settings During Your Session Devices with Removable Storage Other: Home Desktop, Network Drives, USB Devices Reading a File within an Application Saving a File within an Application Accessing Files Using a File Path               Data […]
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