Description: What is \\ is central Network Attached Storage (NAS) system designed to provide the UNC Campus with CIFS based storage. The system is designed with a redundant mirror providing protection from hardware failure. The system will use Active Directory ( authentication for access permissions, and will be designed to meet a base level of […]
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NAS Space Allocations
Description: About ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file service solution. Departmental storage is hosted on \\ Personal home directories are hosted on \\ This document discusses the allocation model associated with the service. Departmental Allocations (\\ Departments receive a subsidized storage allocation calculated on Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee information. The data is extracted […]
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NAS Architecture
Description: About ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) service that provides a free base allocation of network storage to departments and employees. Departmental storage is hosted on \\ Full time employees can subscribe to free personal home directory space hosted on \\ More information is available on the UNC Help website: This document is […]
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Managing Files on the UNC Server
Description: About This Document This document provides a description of the UNC server space provided to faculty, staff and students. It also links to tools for accessing and managing an individual’s server space at a more advanced level. It focuses on understanding the structure of directories and files within a users’ web space. The material covered […]
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Network Attached Storage (NAS)
Description: About ITS offers a Network Attached Storage (NAS) file service solution. The service is hosted on \\ Departments receive a subsidized space allocation calculated against Full Time Equivalent (FTE) employee count. The departmental allocation is 10GB per FTE. This subsidized allocation will be provided as a block to the departmental group, sub-allocation within the client […]
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Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM)
Description: Tivoli Storage Manager (commonly abbreviated TSM) is an enterprise-level software suite that provides data backup and restoration service for departmental servers.  As of July 2010, ITS Open Systems group back up over 800 different client machines across UNC-Chapel Hill. (NOTE: Effective November 2011 — Default data retention for new TSM nodes is 30 days/3 versions. […]
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