MSI/Accelrys Token Values for Cerius2 Modules
Description: This table lists in detail how many tokens a Cerius2 module will use when invoked. For example, a batch job using DMol3 module for solid state requires 4 tokens, whereas to run NMR Felix modules needs 9 tokens. To know how many tokens a user is using, type the command “lmstat -f MSI_TokenR” at the […]
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Where can I find NWChem software?
Description: Where can I find NWChem software? NWChem is a comprehensive mass-parallel computational chemistry package available on both the KillDevil cluster. More about NWChem Research Computing home page    
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Research Computing: Getting Started
Description: Overview ITS Research Computing offers a number of computing resources for researchers at UNC-Chapel Hill. Among these are an 8000 core Linux cluster (KillDevil); a 6,496 cores Linux cluster (Longleaf). If you are new to Linux, this document will be helpful when starting out on any of the above research computing servers Linux: Getting Started. […]
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