VPN Installation and Clients (Onyen Restricted)
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How to Secure Linux
Description: This document is intended to provide basic and mid-level tips for securing your Linux system. These tips are designed to apply to most Linux distributions however you may need to consult with help documentation for your particular distribution if some of the commands do not work for you. General Principles Use a strong password (mix numbers, capital letters, and symbols) with length of eight […]
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VPN Installation
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Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network
Description: Please click the buttons below to expand and see the configuration instructions:
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Package Space Applications – coreutils
Description: This document describes the coreutils software package and how to install it at UNC-CH.
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Package Space Applications – ne
Description: Overview ne (the Nice Editor) is a full-screen text editor based on the POSIX standard. Some of the features of ne are: three user interfaces: control keystrokes, command line, and menus; keystrokes and menus are completely configurable syntax highlighting full support for UTF-8 files, including multiple-column characters the number of documents and clips, the dimensions […]
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Package Space Applications – lsof
Description: Overview lsof is an administrative tool that displays information about files open to Unix processes. It was written by Vic Abell from Purdue University. The package consists of a binary file (lsof) and a man page ( lsof (1) ). lsof is the executable a user runs to issue commands. It is documented on the […]
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Package Space Applications – git
Description: Overview Git is an open source, distributed version control system. Every Git clone is a full-fledged repository with complete history and full revision tracking capabilities, not dependent on network access or a central server. It is used in such large-scale development projects as perl, Linux, gnome, qt, and Ruby on Rails. The package consists of […]
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UNIX/Linux: Getting Started
Description: Table of Contents Introduction Some UNIX History How Things Work Logging In Interacting with the Shell Managing Files and Directories (Common UNIX Commands) Getting Help (The UNIX man pages) Creating and Editing Files Logging out Additional Information Introduction This document helps new or novice users of the UNIX or Linux operating systems do some common […]
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How to Use UNIX and Linux File Permissions
Description: Introduction This document explains how directory and file permissions on a UNIX or Linux machine are set and can be changed by the user. This allows you to share files or directories or to lock them down to be private. If you want to set file or directory permissions by right-clicking on the file or […]
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