Matlab – Common FAQs
Description: Table of Contents How do I install Matlab? How do I install Matlab to make Matlab check out licenses from the UNC license servers? If I have an existing installation of Matlab and receive a new PLP code, how do I apply this new code? Will Matlab run on Mac OS? Why do I receive […]
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Software Installation Menu
Description: Citrix Receiver Software Installation Android iOS (iPhone & iPad) Macintosh Microsoft Windows For other operating systems follow all download instructions that are displayed in your web browser.
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Where do I get support for a Macintosh?
Description: The ITS Service Desk provides hardware and software support for Mac computers that are in-warranty.  If the computer needs to be checked in, customers who purchased their Mac through the CCI program are eligible for a loaner computer, if one is available.  Customers with out-of-warranty machines should pursue other, outside resources such as the Apple […]
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