Microsoft 2-Step Verification (MFA)
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Office 365 Application Matrix
Description: The applications below are available by going to and clicking the application icon (referenced as the waffle icon).  
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What is Individual OneDrive?
Description: Individual OneDrive Individual OneDrive is intended to be a personal workspace for your University documents. Individual OneDrive is available to faculty, staff and students. Users must follow the IT Acceptable Use Policy. File and folder sharing is permitted as needed.  This is currently restricted to users with Onyen accounts.  External sharing is being investigated. Users […]
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OneDrive – How to Use the Recycle Bin to Restore Files From a Browser
Description: Recycle Bin Open the Recycle Bin to view/restore files or folders you have previously deleted. Select the Recycle Bin link (circled in red below): Here is the Recycle Bin view: Right Click on a file or folder.  You get the option to Delete, Restore or get Details. If you choose to Delete, you will be […]
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OneDrive – Get Link Function
Description: There are 3 “Get Link” options available for files and folders. Restricted Link – Creates a web link (URL) that allows direct access to the file or folder. The file or folder can only be opened by specific people based on how you have shared it. View Link – Creates a web link (URL) that […]
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Individual OneDrive – Browser Overview
Description: Need Help Logging In? Access OneDrive from your web browser: Alternatively, you can connect to and select the OneDrive icon. For additional help including screenshots, please visit and select the OneDrive tab. Individual OneDrive After login, the default view will be your Individual OneDrive: Files Section In the screenshot above, note the […]
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Internet Explorer 11
Description: On January 12, 2016  Microsoft is ending support for all previous versions of Internet Explorer (IE) before version 11.  ITS will be pushing IE 11 through SCCM for any windows computer that is connected to Active Directory (AD) domain.  For other computers that do not connect to the Active Directory (AD) domain you can automatically […]
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Connecting to the UNC Wired Network
Description: Connecting your computer or device to the University network involves three steps: Finding your network card(s) hardware address. Registering your network card(s) hardware address. Configuring your system for the University wired or wireless network (Some Game Systems).
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Windows Surface RT?
Description: Installing Citrix Receiver ● You must be connected to the internet when installing or using the Citrix Receiver application. ● Note: Windows RT is new software. Local drive access has not yet been added. If you have any problems or notice any decreased functionality, please submit a Help Request. The more we know, the more we […]
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Publishing Microsoft PowerPoint
Description: Introduction Publishing a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation is a relatively simple process that makes the file accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. You can publish PowerPoint presentation slides as: A PowerPoint presentation file (.ppt) A Web page (.html) Image files (.jpeg, .gif, .png, .tif) This document will cover the advantages and disadvantages, and outline […]
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