What subnets are used on campus? (Onyen Restricted)
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What are the campus domain name servers (DNS)?
Description: UNC Information Technology Services maintains two sets of DNS servers to support campus operations. Recursive DNS – Campus Facing: These servers are typically assigned to clients automatically at boot time, but some devices may have static configurations set by administrators.  Departments operating their own DNS services should be configured to forward DNS queries to these […]
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Should the Remedy system be used to request IP host registrations?
Description: Should the Remedy system be used to request IP host registrations? The Remedy system is the preferred method to use for requesting IP host (aka DNS) registrations and changes to ensure they are handled in a timely manner. You can use the Online Help Request if you do not have an ONYEN or access to […]
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The Campus Network Time Protocol (NTP) Servers
Description: What are the campus Network Time Protocol (NTP) servers? NTP (Network Time Protocol) provides accurate and consistent time references to coordinate and synchronize internet systems and communications. ITS now has local Stratum 1 time servers (clock1.unc.edu, clock2.unc.edu, and clock3.unc.edu) available for your use, with more to come in the near future. ITS Communication Technologies/Networking recommends […]
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Registering a Non-UNC Domain Name
Description: In order to register a non-unc.edu domain name (.com or .org or .net) on a system using the UNC-Chapel Hill DNS services,
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