Microsoft 2-Step Verification (MFA)
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Office 365 – Managing Spam in Junk E-mail Folder and Block/Allow Senders Lists
Description: The University has migrated to Office 365, along with this upgrade all Spam filtering is done by Microsoft. The new spam scanning service does not have a web accessible interface that will allow the user to control spam. Microsoft uses a sender base reputation and scores the domains. Based on these scores the domains are […]
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Campus Mail Cheat Sheet for Heelmail (Office 365)
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Office 365 – What are Permission Levels in Outlook?
Description: Calendar and/or Folder permissions: This type of sharing that allows selected users to view the contents of your calendar or folder, but does not allow other users to send email on your behalf. When setting up permissions, you can determine exactly how much access a user has to your Calendar or Folder. The permissions are […]
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Office 365 – Outlook Web App (OWA)
Description: You may access basic services provided through Office 365 system by visiting or (click on the Mail icon).  The following information is to acquaint you with the basic features that are offered through the Outlook Web Application (OWA). Getting Started with OWA Before logging into your Office 365 account, you will need to […]
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Office 365 – How can I send an email from a vendor-hosted application using a UNC custom domain?
Description: This document explains how you can send mail from a vendor-hosted application or system using a custom domain without triggering Office 365’s anti-spoofing system. Decide on the domain name from which you want to send. For example, the domain name for is “”. If there is no domain with the name you have […]
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Skype for Business – Remove Cached Credentials
Description: Introduction Old user credentials for Microsoft Skype for Business can sometimes become cached and prevent new logins to the Skype interface.  The symptom is generally a repeating request for the user password. How to Address the Issue Open the Skype for Business client. Sign out of Skype – Click on the status drop down menu […]
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Set up dial-in or PSTN conferencing for Skype for Business
Description: There is annual service charge for this service, please visit Software Acquisitions Office Microsoft Products page for more details and to be able to place the order. Instructions The following is a step by step process to add PSTN conferencing to a Skype meeting.  Here we will use the Outlook Web App (  The Outlook […]
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Microsoft Teams – Frequently Asked Questions
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Microsoft Teams – How to add a Team to an existing Office 365 Group
Description: Access Teams from your web browser: Click the Teams icon (circled in red below) Click the “Add Team” link near the bottom left of the screen (circled in red below) Hover over the “Create a team” section (circled in red below) The image will change and present a new button called “Create Team”. Click […]
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