Getting Started on KillDevil
Description: Table of Contents Introduction System Information Getting an Account Logging In Directory Spaces Mass Storage Development and Application environment Applications available Software Development Tools Compiling Job Submission Transferring Files Using Tar to Archive FAQs Additional Help Introduction The KillDevil cluster is a Linux-based computing system available to researchers across the campus. With more than 9600 […]
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Snapshots as a Backup for Research Computing NAS Filesystems
Description: This document provides a basic overview of snapshots, which is the mechanism in place for backing up files and directories in the NAS filesystems.
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Using ITS Research Computing’s Secure FTP Server (Onyen Restricted)
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Getting Started on VCL
Description: Introduction Basic VCL Help Accessing the VCL Introduction Research Computing offers a virtualization service called the Virtual Computing Lab (VCL). Originally developed by NC State University in collaboration with IBM, the VCL provides users with anytime, anywhere access to custom application environments created specifically for their use. By simply using a web browser, users can […]
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Scientific Application – Schrodinger
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up Environment and Invoking from a Research Computing Server Installing Locally on a Windows Machine Notes Links Additional Help Overview Schrodinger is a suite of molecular modeling packages that take advantage of the latest technological advances in computational chemistry. Jaguar, the high-performance ab-initio quantum mechanics application, and MacroModel, the most […]
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Performance and Debugging Tool – Totalview
Description: Table of Contents Overview Setting up the Environment Compiling code Submitting job Running job Useful links Additional help Overview These instructions will help users invoke Totalview to debug codes on a Research Computing server in just a couple of steps. Please note that Totalview is a commercial product. There are only 64 licenses available on […]
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Disk Quotas for Research Computing Home Directories
Description: Table of Contents What is a disk quota? What is the difference between a soft and hard disk quota? What is the default quota set for home directories in Research Computing? How do I know if I am over my limit? How do I know what value is set for my quota limits? What do […]
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