WordPress: Affiliate ONYEN System
Description: Web.unc.edu requires all users to have an active Onyen in order to sign in. If you need to be an administrator or editor of a site on web.unc.edu, but are not a paid employee or an enrolled student at UNC, it is possible to become an “Other Affiliate” and get an Affiliate Onyen. These can be used by […]
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WordPress: Custom Domain Names
Description: Once your site has been created, you cannot change it to a different web.unc.edu address. However, you can “map” a custom, non-web.unc.edu domain to your site. For example, heelium.web.unc.edu could become heelium.unc.edu. Follow the three simple steps below! Step 1: Register your domain (if you don’t have one already) You can request a UNC domain name for free […]
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