WordPress: SSL Certificates
Description: Please note this information is only for WordPress sites on web.unc.edu or sites.unc.edu. Information for other websites or WordPress hosted sites not on these networks can be found on this support document. WordPress sites on web.unc.edu and sites.unc.edu already have valid SSL certificates and will not need additional ones. You will only need to obtain […]
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WordPress: Affiliate ONYEN System
Description: Web.unc.edu requires all users to have an active Onyen in order to sign in. If you need to be an administrator or editor of a site on web.unc.edu, but are not a paid employee or an enrolled student at UNC, it is possible to become an “Other Affiliate” and get an Affiliate Onyen. These can be used by […]
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WordPress: Custom Domain Names
Description: Once your WordPress site has been created, you cannot change the URL. However, you can map a custom domain to your site and use the custom domain as the primary URL. For example, if you have example.web.unc.edu and domain map exampledomain.com onto your site, you will access the site by going to exampledomain.com instead of example.web.unc.edu. Step 1: […]
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