Carolina CloudApps: SSH Keys (Onyen Restricted)
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Why am I unable to use SSH or Fetch to access within Mac OS 10?
Description: Introduction This article is intended for people who have previously connected to using SSH or some other SFTP client, and are now receiving errors when attempting to connect via those same methods. SSH and SFTP (the protocol used by Fetch) on the Mac OS utilize a StrictHostKeyChecking option by default. Any time a secure […]
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Connecting to and your H-drive using SSH/SFTP Secure Shell in Windows
Description: Table of Contents What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell? Using SSH Secure Shell/Secure File Transfer Client Connecting to for the first time Creating a desktop shortcut What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell? SSH/SFTP Secure Shell is a one-stop application that supports both SSH and SFTP access. The program is available as a free download to UNC […]
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