Virtual Lab and Stata User-contributed ADO files
Description: Problem Adding the ability to use user-created ADO files in your Stata session on Virtual Lab. Solution The solution is to set your ADO personal directory space in Stata to a location on your personal computer in which you downloaded the appropriate ADO files.  For example, if I have downloaded ADO files that I wish […]
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Virtual Lab Help Documents
Description:    User Guide  Receiver Installation Menu  Available Software Accessing/Saving Files Printing Frequently Asked Questions TroubleShooting Request Help
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How do I troubleshoot Virtual Lab?
Description: I cannot connect to Virtual Lab. I had unsaved data on my virtual application session when I lost connection. How do I retrieve it? I logged off the website and my application closed. I closed out my virtual application and opened it back up, but the data I saved to “Documents” is gone.  I can’t […]
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions in Virtual Labs?
Description: Where can I save data on Virtual Lab? I can’t access my files or save to my local drive while using Virtual Lab.  How do I change the access granted for my local drives? How do I access my files using a file path in programs such as R, SAS, SPSS, M Plus, etc? Which […]
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