Virtual Lab Error – Application window does not appear on screen
Description: Problem  After opening an application on Virtual Lab from Windows, the program appears to be running in the taskbar, but never displays to the screen and allows user to interact with it. Solutions  This appears to be caused by a combination of Windows Creator Update and Citrix Receiver version installed on the machine.  We have […]
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Reinstalling Citrix Receiver
Description: Reinstalling Citrix Receiver on Windows Go to the Start Menu and enter “Programs and Features” Locate “Citrix Receiver” in the program list and choose “Uninstall”. Follow prompts to Uninstall. Download the latest version of Citrix Receiver for your operating system here. Follow prompts to install Citrix Receiver. Reinstalling Citrix Receiver on Mac Download the latest […]
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Accessing local files from Virtual Lab
Description: When opening/saving files on Virtual Lab, it is important to make sure that you are saving to your local machine rather than to the server. Below is a picture of an example open dialog from a program in Virtual Lab, highlighting the general location of your local drive (Please note that Operating System and user […]
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Atlasti on Virtual Lab
Description: In order to work with Atlasti on Virtual Lab, projects need to be saved as copy bundled and unpacked in a specific way.  Below are the steps to accomplish this. Please be aware that we are upgrading to Atlasti 8 on February 19th, 2018. Your Atlasti 7 projects should be able to convert to Atlasti […]
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How do I access my local files using a file path in Virtual Lab in programs such as SAS, SPSS, R, etc?
Description: This problem occurs because when using Virtual Lab, the program defaults to the harddrive on our servers.  However, you should be able to correct this by using the following format:  “\\Client\C$\pathtofile…”.  “\\Client\” tells it to go to the client’s (your) computer.  From there, you can use the file path associated with your personal computer. The […]
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Virtual Lab and Stata User-contributed ADO files
Description: Problem Adding the ability to use user-created ADO files in your Stata session on Virtual Lab. Solution The solution is to set your ADO personal directory space in Stata to a location on your personal computer in which you downloaded the appropriate ADO files.  For example, if I have downloaded ADO files that I wish […]
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Virtual Lab Help Documents
Description:    User Guide  Receiver Installation Menu  Available Software Accessing/Saving Files Printing Frequently Asked Questions TroubleShooting Request Help
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Windows Surface RT?
Description: Installing Citrix Receiver ● You must be connected to the internet when installing or using the Citrix Receiver application. ● Note: Windows RT is new software. Local drive access has not yet been added. If you have any problems or notice any decreased functionality, please submit a Help Request. The more we know, the more we […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Mac
Description: Installing or Upgrading the Citrix Receiver To install the Receiver, you need to select a web browser. Each browser has its own set of dialog boxes and instructions. The set of instructions below are for installing the plug-in. Follow any set of instructions displayed on your screen that are specific to the web browser you are running. […]
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What is Virtual Lab?
Description: Virtual Lab Students are no longer confined to physical computers located on campus to access applications that are needed for classes. Applications are now available virtually in the Virtual Lab (VL) through Citrix Technology software that is installed on their device. VL is an on-demand application delivery solution. This solution enables applications to be centralized, […]
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