How do I install Virtual Lab software on Mac
Description: Installing or Upgrading the Citrix Receiver To install the Receiver, you need to select a web browser. Each browser has its own set of dialog boxes and instructions. The set of instructions below are for installing the plug-in. Follow any set of instructions displayed on your screen that are specific to the web browser you are running. […]
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What is Virtual Lab?
Description: Virtual Lab Students are no longer confined to physical computers located on campus to access applications that are needed for classes. Applications are now available virtually in the Virtual Lab (VL) through Citrix Technology software that is installed on their device. VL is an on-demand application delivery solution. This solution enables applications to be centralized, […]
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Software Installation Menu
Description: Citrix Receiver Software Installation Android iOS (iPhone & iPad) Macintosh Microsoft Surface RT Microsoft Windows For other operating systems follow all download instructions that are displayed in your web browser.
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on iOS
Description: Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver Applications The Citrix Receiver  is a small piece of software code that after connecting allows you to interact with Virtual Lab. You can save your work to your home desktop or a USB-connected flash drive and print using your USB-connected and network printers. Also available is the ability to create […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on my Chrome device?
Description: How Do I Install VL Software for My Chrome (OS) Device? Note: ChromeOS service for Virtual Lab is reliant on younger, less tested back-end architecture. ITS continues to develop the service to improve reliability, speed, and features. Please alert us to any problems you may experience via Thank you. Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver […]
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How do I install Virtual Lab software on Android
Description: Installing or Upgrading Citrix Receiver Applications You must be connected to the internet when installing or using the Citrix Receiver application. Tap on the Play Store icon on your device Search for Citrix Receiver. Find the Citrix Receiver app and tap Accept & Download.               You will be asked […]
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How do I troubleshoot Virtual Lab?
Description: I cannot connect to Virtual Lab. I had unsaved data on my virtual application session when I lost connection. How do I retrieve it? I logged off the website and my application closed. I closed out my virtual application and opened it back up, but the data I saved to “Documents” is gone.  I can’t […]
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What are the Frequently Asked Questions in Virtual Labs?
Description: Where can I save data on Virtual Lab? I can’t access my files or save to my local drive while using Virtual Lab.  How do I change the access granted for my local drives? How do I access my files using a file path in programs such as R, SAS, SPSS, M Plus, etc? Which […]
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How should I request help in Virtual Lab?
Description:  Virtual Lab Help Documents Get Help ITS Service Desk is on call for help 24/7/365. Call Call 962-HELP (4357) to speak with an ITS Service Desk consultant. Email Submit an Online Help Request to the ITS Service Desk. Log in with your Onyen. Under “Type of help needed, select “ITS Computer Labs” from the Choose an […]
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What are my printing options in Virtual Lab?
Description: Printing Your virtual session automatically detects the printers that you have available through virtual printer mapping and the Citrix Universal Print Driver (UPD). Select your virtual application. Select Print Settings. In your list of printers, make your selection. USB-connected Printer USB printers can be plugged in and unplugged on your device without any management in […]
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