What is the Listserv Web Interface?
Description: What is the Listserv Web Interface? The Listserv Web Interface allows list subscribers to interact with mailing lists through the Web interface instead of by e-mail. By going to http://selfservice.unc.edu/listmanager and logging in with your Onyen and password, you may: Learn about lists available on the server Log in and view your subscribed lists Subscribe […]
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How do I Login to the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface?
Description: You may access the Listserv Subscriber Web Interface by going to http://selfservice.unc.edu/listmanager, logging in with your Onyen and password, and clicking the Log In and List Members links.
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How do I get my list passwords?
Description: 1. Visit http://selfservice.unc.edu/listmanager and log in with Onyen and password. 2. In the Visit or Manage a Single List section, choose to Visit a list that you are currently subscribed to, that requires a password to access. 3. When prompted to do so, enter your email address that you are subscribed to the list with, […]
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Why can’t I send a message to more than one list at the same time?
Description: The Allow Cross-Posting option defaults to NO for all new lists, and this is why you received that error message. The fix for it is: Visit http://selfservice.unc.edu/listmanager, then log in with your Onyen and password. Click the Log In and List Administrators links to log into your list. Go to Utilities > List Settings > […]
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Listserv – Exporting & Importing Members
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to import and export members of a listserv. This can be useful for combining listservs for simplicity or even renaming listservs. While renaming an existing listserv must be done by a system administrator, exporting the members of a listserv to a CSV file and importing those […]
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How to create an automatic welcome message for new subscribers of moderated lists?
Description: The purpose of this document is to explain how to create a welcome message to send to new subscribers. The document is intended for new subscribers of a moderated list. Create Document Content Once you login to the UNC List server, you can Begin by clicking onĀ Utilities: Automated Messages: Document Content Click on Create From […]
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Which browsers are supported for use with the UNC Campus listserver?
Description: Web Browsers Internet Explorer 10 Firefox 29 or higher The following web browsers are not officially supported, but should work: Netscape 8.1 Opera 7.x and later Mozilla 1.2x Safari Google Chrome
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Why can’t someone in Brazil using an ISP in Taiwan send messages to my UNC e-mail account?
Description: In accordance with best practices and industry standards, UNC e-mail administrators have taken an aggressive stance in removing spam from the UNC e-mail system. We have absolutely nothing against your mom, colleague, or friend. UNC-Chapel Hill reserves the right to reject mail identified as spam without providing notification to the recipient. In addition, legitimate e-mail […]
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Managing a List
Description: To List or Not to List If you need to send mail frequently to a number of people, probably the simplest solution is to set up an address book group in your email client. All of the ITS-supported email clients (Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook and Pine) make it very easy to construct such a group that […]
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How can I reduce the amount of email spam I get?
Description: UNC Spam Filtering Service For information on this service please see the document UNC-Chapel Hill Spam Filtering Service . Report spam messages that you receive to the UNC Postmaster. For information on how to report spam, please see the How to report phishing and spam emails document. Unsubscribe Note that some spam can be stopped […]
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