Alertus Desktop Notification


A part of the Alert Carolina Emergency Notification System –, the Desktop Notification allows public safety personnel to relay important emergency alert information to your computer.  With the software running and your computer connected the UNC network, Emergency Alerts will appear as a full-screen popup that can be acknowledged and minimized (see screenshot below).


The Desktop Notification software can be installed via SCCM Software Center or by downloading from

IT Support Staff

Contact ITS Software Acquisition for instructions on pushing the client software to your managed hosts via SCCM and Casper.


  • Windows – – release date Jul 31, 2017 – requires DotNet 4.5 or newer
  • MacOS - – release date April 5, 2018


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  • Installation of the software requires local administrator rights.
  • The computer must be connected to the campus network in order to receive alerts.
  • The client polls the server on port 80 (http); therefore, an inbound port doesn’t have to be opened on the local computer.