Auto-forwarding of email to untrusted email domains

Policy clarification for all UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates regarding email accounts used to conduct University business

UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates may have their email auto-forward removed if their email account is currently being forwarded to an email system that is not run by UNC-Chapel Hill or is not among systems that have agreements in place with UNC-Chapel Hill (aka an “external email account”). Once an agreement is in place, a non-UNC-Chapel Hill email account is considered trusted.

ONLY University email accounts and trusted domain accounts are to be used to conduct University business. Use of a personal email account for University business or auto-forwarding of University business email to an external email account is a violation of the UNC-Chapel Hill Email Address Policy. Auto-forwarding of email makes compliance with public records and e-discovery requirements difficult or impossible and may put University owned or managed sensitive information at risk.

Information Technology Services will be removing auto-forwards to external email accounts for UNC-Chapel Hill affiliates who conduct University business. Affiliates must assess whether messages containing University owned or managed sensitive information were forwarded during the period that auto-forward was enabled on the email account. If a forward of University owned or managed sensitive information may have occurred, please call 919-962-HELP and request a critical help ticket with the Information Security Office. All affiliates of UNC-Chapel Hill are obligated to report any potential inappropriate disclosures of University owned or managed sensitive information. Failing to report an inappropriate disclosure may be subject to disciplinary action as detailed in relevant policies.

The Information Security Office will be working with appropriate groups to assure that agreements are in place to support public records requests, e-discovery and protections for sensitive information among trusted email domains. Departments seeking such an agreement or seeking confirmation that they have an agreement in place should please write

If you have questions about email appropriate use, please contact or call 919-962-HELP at any time for consultation or referral to appropriate parties.