Campus IPv6 DNS Requirements

The ITS Networking IP Services group at UNC-Chapel Hill will only register globally unique, routable IPv6 addresses in campus DNS. We reserve the right to refuse any non-global or non-native (i.e. tunneled) IPv6 address. We encourage clients to contact your Unit technical liaison to request ITS-distributed IPv6 addresses appropriate for their assigned VLAN to register in campus DNS. As with IPv4, if it’s going to be seen on the network by others, it should be registered in DNS. These requests should be submitted via help ticket.

As required by the Data Network Policy and Data Network Standard IPv6 addresses registered on the campus DNS servers should be from an existing campus IPv6 network, or approved external IPv6 network. Please submit any IPv6 address that was not distributed by ITS Networking to the ITS Networking staff for review by a Remedy ticket or an online help request if you don’t have an ONYEN or access to the Remedy system. Be sure to specify the IPv6 address, the source of the address, and the reason that a campus network based IPv6 address is not an acceptable option in your request.

Examples of globally unique, routable IPv6 address:

2610:28:3090::/48                Campus IPv6 network

2610:28:3090:1004::10            Campus primary DNS server



Examples of IPv6 addresses that are not routable:

::/128, ::1/128             Loopback: used for local NIC trouble shooting

FE80::/10                     Link Local

ex. FE80::20C1:29FF:FEA4:5904


Examples of IPv6 addresses that are discouraged:

2002::/16             6to4 IP address NAT: Microsoft IPv4 tunneled IPv6

ex: 2002:9802:E45C::9702:E4DC

2001:0::/32          Teredo tunneling:

ex. 2001:0000:9813:F008:8000:63bf:3fff:fdd2;

(9813:F008 is IPv4 address


Visit for more information about what IPv6 addresses are ‘globally unique’ and can be routed across the Internet.

This page last updated 5/5/2017