Citrix Receiver Install and Update

To get the latest version of the Citrix receiver, go to . The page will auto-detect the OS version and offer the most recent version of the client for download.

Once the Receiver has been installed, users can opt to use a web browser to access Citrix, or configure the Receiver application to natively connect. The URLs are listed below

URLs Configuration : This is our 2-factor protected Citrix environment. Users will need a DUO account to access this. We use this environment for applications and desktops that need to be highly secured, such as administrator tools for systems administrators and the applications for the ERP developers. This is our single factor, onyen authenticated Citrix Environment. We typically use this environment for departmental customers whose applications don’t need 2-factor authentication. This is a single factor, onyen authenticated gateway that is provided for students to use software from any location, on any device.

Citrix Receiver – Troubleshooting

Latest Version:

If you are seeing odd issues with Citrix, make sure you have installed the latest version of Citrix Receiver.


If you are running the latest version of Citrix Receiver, there could be a problem with corrupt files or registry entries carried over from earlier versions.  Citrix has a cleanup utility to completely uninstall all files and registry entries for Citrix Receiver.  Citrix says that the newer versions of Citrix Receiver (v4.4 and later) no longer need the ReceiverCleanupUtility.  However, we’ve found instances where the ReceiverCleanupUtility is the only thing that helps.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Go to and download the”.
  2. Extract the file “ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe” from the .zip file.
  3. Double-click “ReceiverCleanupUtility.exe“.
  4. A CMD prompt will appear, hit any key to continue.
  5. When done, it will ask if you want to send data to Citrix, type “n” for no.
  6. Hit any key to exit the CMD prompt.
  7. Go to to install the latest version.
  8. After the install is complete, open a browser and logon to your Citrix URL (,, or and try again.

Unable to See Local Printers and Drives:

The first thing to check in this case would be to see if they have the receiver installed. Citrix offers a browser-based HTML5 version of the receiver that will work without the receiver client being installed on a client machine. The drawback of this is that it doesn’t allow the user to access local resources. Installing the receiver client will resolve this issue.