ClamX Antivirus

The University’s ITS Security has released the new Antivirus Software for Mac OS X users. The software is called ClamX Antivirus. The software is an open source application that will scan your system similar to Symantec Antivirus used by the University. A version of the ClamX Antivirus can be downloaded from Clamxav site.

Installation Instructions

Please view the installation instructions from the ClamXav documentation.

  • Drag from the disk image into your Applications folder (or wherever you like)
  • Eject the ClamXav disk image
  • Double click
  • At this point, you may or may not be prompted to install or update the ClamAV scanning engine (See Building Your Own Engine if you want to build ClamAV yourself)
  • If so, click “Install” and follow the onscreen instructions. Once the installer has finished, double-click again

Uninstall Instructions

Please click here to see uninstall instructions from the ClamX FAQ.

First thing to do is quit ClamXav Sentry (if you use it) and make sure it’s not set to launch at log in. You will then need to find the ClamXav disk image which you downloaded when you installed ClamXav (or download the current one again) as you will find an uninstaller application on that disk.

The uninstaller will remove the engine and any schedules you’ve got set up. All that’s left is to drag to the trash.

How to set the Preferences, Scheduled Scans, Sentry, and Update Virus Definitions

ClamX Antivirus is set to scan the system automatically through out the day and can be set by setting the General Preferences. A user can set the following to be scanned by ClamX Antivirus:

  • Scan emails for malware and phishing
  • Certain folders and items
  •  Set the Sentry to monitor certain folders.

For those who wish to set ClamX Antivirus to scan the Entire Hard Drive, please read this document by clicking here for specific issues observed and recommendations[1]

To Set the General Preferences

  • Open the from the Applications folder
  • Click on General
Recommended Settings:
  • Scan e-mail content for malware and phishing
  • Update virus definitions on launch
  • Check for ClamXav update on launch
Optional Settings:
  • Audible alert on virus detection
  • Audible alert on scan completion
  • Include anonymous system profile information


To Set Scheduled Scans and Preferences please do the following:

  • Open from the Applications folder
  • Click on Preferences
  • Click on Schedule
  • Under Scan please turn click Drop Down to turn on the Scan and Set the time.
  • Here you can drag the specific item or click the + to set the folders or items to scan.

Optional: You can choose to open the scan log automatically after scanning the folder or items.



To Set the Sentry Scans and Preferences


Sentry is similar to auto-protect and focuses on monitoring the user’s home-folder. This will cover email, browser cache, and downloads.

  • Open the from Applications
  • Open Preferences
  • Open Sentry
  • Here you can set your preferences for the Sentry.
  • You can choose which folders to watch
  • Check the setting to Launch ClamXav Sentry when you log in to this computer (recommended).

How to update Virus Definitions

ClamXav can automatically update the virus definitions (recommended) for the application by doing the following:

  • Open from the Applications folder.
  • Click on Schedule
  • Under Update Virus Definitions
  • Choose date or days and then time from the drop downs

Optional: You may choose to open the update log automatically after updating by check the box.


[1]The referenced website has additional useful information regarding issues observed in some cases with ClamX AV. Keep in mind that if you host, process or access University If You store or process information on your Mac computer that is considered sensitive, any infection detected by ClamX should be reported via critical ticket to the Information Security Office immediately via 962-HELP in accrodance with the Incident Management Policy.