Connecting a Laptop in a Multimedia Classroom

When using the laptop connection, make your selection using the touch panel.

Below is the screen you will see when selecting PC or Laptop:

After plugging the VGA cable into the VGA port (the blue port on CCI Laptops), plugging the laptop audio cable into the headphone jack of the laptop, and the Ethernet cable in the Ethernet port, press the PC button. If “Room Presets are On” the motorized shades, the motorized screens and the lights will all come down and the LCD projector(s) will come on.

Lastly turn the laptop on. If you still do not see the image, you can toggle the display by pressing the function (FN) key and F7 on IBM laptops. The exact F key may differ with other brands of laptops. If F7 does not change the display, find the function key that reads (LCD/CRT) or has a picture of 2 screens side-by-side.

Check for connection to the internet by opening a web page ( and check for laptop audio by going to the control panel on the laptop and selecting sounds.

If there are 2 projectors (“L” and “R”) in the classroom, you will need to choose one or both of them before the laptop image will be projected.