Connecting to and your H-drive using SSH/SFTP Secure Shell in Windows

Table of Contents

What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell?

Using SSH Secure Shell/Secure File Transfer Client

Connecting to for the first time

Creating a desktop shortcut

What is SSH/SFTP Secure Shell?

SSH/SFTP Secure Shell is a one-stop application that supports both SSH and SFTP access. The program is available as a free download to UNC faculty, staff, and students at the UNC Shareware site.

Installing the application on your computer will install two icons to your desktop, SSH Secure Shell Client and SSH Secure File Transfer client. SSH Secure Shell client provides a command line interface and is used primarily for access to Pine and other resources hosted on the campus servers. The SSH Secure File Transfer client is predominately used for uploading files to AFS space or your H-drive.

Using SSH Secure Shell/Secure File Transfer Client

Once you have downloaded and installed SSH/SFTP Secure Shell you can double-click the SSH Secure Shell Client icon on your desktop to open the default SSH Secure Shell window, or the SSH Secure File Transfer Client icon on your desktop to open the default SSH Secure File Transfer window.

From there, the instructions for connecting to are identical.

Connecting to for the first time

1. Click Quick Connect.

Graphic showing the default SSH Secure Shell window. The "Quick Connect" button is highlighted.

2. Fill in the requested information

  • Host Name:
  • User Name: (your Onyen)

Graphic showing the "Connect to Remote Host" window. The "Host Name" field is populated with "", and the "User Name" field should be populated with your Onyen.

3. Click Connect.
4. If prompted to save the new host key to the local database click Yes.

Graphic showing the warning screen delivered by UNC when connecting to

5. Enter your Onyen password and click OK.

Graphic showing the Enter Password dialogue that prompts user for their onyen password.

6. Name the profile and click Add to Profiles to save the entry.

Graphic showing the Add Profile window that pops up upon successful connection. This will only show up if you are creating a new connection.

Creating a desktop shortcut

Once you have connected to you can ease subsequent connections by creating a desktop shortcut to quickly and easily access that profile.

1. With the profile open and connected, click Edit > Settingsā€¦

Graphic showing the available items under the Edit menu. "Settings..." is highlighted.

2. Click Profile Settings at the top of the list in the left pane.

Graphic showing the Settings window within SSH Secure Shell.

3. Click the Create Shortcut button near the bottom right. You will now have an icon on your desktop that you can use to directly access that profile.