Connecting to the UNC Network – Getting Started


Wired and/or  Wireless (Wi-Fi) networking should be available in all the on-campus residence halls, offices and classrooms. All CCI laptops come with a Wi-Fi built into the computer and some have a wired connection (built into the computer or by using an external adapter).

Setup A Connection

Instructions for getting connected will depend on the type of connection whether it is Wi-Fi or Wired, the type of Operating System installed on your computer, or the type of device (e.g. Xbox 360, Printer, iPhone, etc.) you are using. Our documentation will walk you through the configuration steps, all of which are required for you to get connected.  Once you are connected to the Internet, make sure that you continue using the latest version of Antivirus or Malware protection and that your operating system is up-to-date with all Operating System patches/updates, otherwise your device may get blocked from our network.

Wireless (WiFi)

In order to get connected to the UNC Wi-Fi network, your computer or device must be within a UNC Wi-Fi Zone. Wi-Fi access is available in-building pervasively across campus. See our Wi-Fi Access Point Locations document for specifics. Also, please see our documents on Wireless and Wi-Fi Coverage and FAQs and Best Practices for Using Wi-Fi Securely.

The following is a brief description of the most common Wi-Fi Networks (SSIDs) that are seen on-campus.  Your department/building may or may not see all of these and you may also see additional ones that are specific to your department.

  • UNC-Setup:  This network is the first network new devices connect to in order to be setup/configured for the main network “Eduroam”.
  • Eduroam:  This is the main Wi-Fi network for official campus users.
  • UNC-PSK:  This network is setup for devices that are unable to configure Eduroam or are not used by a specific individual (i.e. printers, lab computers).
  • UNC-Guest:  This network provides limited access to the Internet and is only available upon departmental request for UNC guests (i.e. those without active Onyens).


Choose an operating system or other device below to connect to the Eduroam or UNC-PSK wireless networks:


In order to access the wired network with your computer or device, you will need to have the network card(s) registered and configured to communicate with our Networking DHCP server. A wired network card requires an RJ-45 Ethernet cable, which looks very similar, but larger, than a phone cable and plugs directly into a data jack typically labeled D-## (telephone ports are usually labeled T-## or V-##). This server will grant you access to the network via the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP).


Choose an operating system or other device below to find and register your network card’s address and connect to the wired network:

If you need assistance with these instructions, contact the ITS Service Desk.