Connecting to the UNC Network – Misc. Device Registration and Configuration

Getting connected to the UNC-Chapel Hill network involves three actions:

  • Obtaining your device’s network hardware/MAC address
  • Registering your network card(s)
  • Configuring your device for the network via Wireless (Wi-Fi) or Wired.

Because of the large number of devices across vendors, not every configuration utility behaves the same way. For support and specific instructions with your device, please contact the vendor’s website. They usually have detailed FAQs, tutorials, and support to walk you through the basics.

Obtaining your Device’s Network Hardware/MAC Address

You must register your device(s) on the UNC-Chapel Hill network so that our servers will allow your machine or device to connect. This helps us ensure network security and keep anyone not affiliated with the university from using the network for unauthorized purposes.

You will need to find the network card’s hardware address (also known as MAC address). Again, contact the vendor of your device if you need assistance with this. Most of the time it is written on a sticker on the back of your device. For example, 00-06-29-95-5B-3E.

Registering Your Network Card(s)

Once you have obtained your network card’s hardware address you will to need to register it:

  • Visit the Onyen services page at
  • Choose the DHCP Registration link.
  • You will need your Onyen, Onyen password and hardware address, to register your device.

After successfully registering and configuring your card(s) you should be able to connect within 30 minutes.

Wireless (Wi-Fi) Configuration

In order to get connected to the UNC network via Wi-Fi, your machine must be within a Wi-Fi zone. Wi-Fi access is not available everywhere on the UNC campus. However, many classrooms and campus gathering places are covered. These spots include the Pit, Lenoir Dining Hall, and the main quad. See our Wi-Fi Access Point Locations document for specifics. Also, see our list of Wireless and Wi-Fi Best Practices and FAQs.

Because of the multitude of Wi-Fi implementations across vendors, not every card and configuration utility behaves the same way. This generic checklist is primarily used by individuals operating with a Wi-Fi card that is not supported by UNC. For support with these cards, contact the vendor of your card since often driver and/or firmware updates will correct many problems you may be having.  You should first visit Connecting to the UNC Wireless Network and you may get auto-configured. Otherwise, you can try to manually connect to the network by using the settings below.

Generic Configuration Checklist:

Wired Configuration

To configure, you will need to set your device to the following paramaters:

  • Obtain an IP address automatically
  • Obtain DNS server address automatically

If you need assistance with the instructions at any point in this document, contact the ITS Service Desk.