Disable / Enable Secure Boot


You must disable Secure Boot in the BIOS in order to deploy the CCI images using the Image Ultra boot media. The steps below will guide you through disabling or enabling Secure Boot and UEFI in the BIOS.

IMPORTANT: Secure Boot is an important security feature and should be re-enabled after the Image Ultra Windows 10 image has been deployed. The Windows 7 image does not support Secure Boot at this time.

1. Enter the BIOS by pressing F1 prior to the booting of the operating system.

2. Once in the BIOS, navigate to the Security menu and then select “Secure Boot” from the options on that screen

3. On the Secure Boot screen set Secure Boot to “Disabled”.

4. Escape out of the Secure Boot menu and navigate to the Startup menu.

5. From the Startup menu, change UEFI/Legacy Boot to “Both”.

6. Press F10 to Save and Exit.

7. Upon reboot, you may now press F12 to select boot options and boot from the Image Ultra boot media.

8. After the Windows 10 image has completed, enter the BIOS (F1 after power on) and revert the changes you made earlier so that Secure Boot is “Enabled” and Startup UEFI/Legacy Boot is set to “UEFI Only”.

9. Save and Exit (F10)