UNC-CH has adopted eduroam, which is used by many educational institutions as a secure way to offer WiFi to campus visitors.

How does eduroam work?

When an institution sets up eduroam, they agree to allow visitors to use their eduroam WiFi network.  Once you have setup your WiFi device for eduroam, you have the ability to connect to any eduroam WiFi network on any campus where the service is offered. Those wishing to use eduroam should be configured at UNC prior to using the network at another institution.

Can I use eduroam at participating universities in the US and overseas before UNC-CH deploys the SSID on campus?

Yes! See below for configuration instructions.

Does eduroam work with mobile devices?

Yes! Use the following links to download and install the eduroam application on your mobile device.

How do I configure my device for eduroam at UNC Chapel Hill?

How will I know if the University or College I am visiting has eduroam?