Exam Scanning Results and Reports

This document explains how to access the results of exams processed by the Exam Scanning Service and the reporting features available.

Accessing Test Scores and Reports

Scantron exams processed through Exam Scanning Services are available online through our Digital Desk Instructor Tools website. Students have a separate login portal to view their own exam results once released by the Instructor.

Check the Results

  • Carefully check the results of the exams. Although errors are uncommon, they can occur. Check for questions that everyone missed — perhaps you marked the wrong answer on the answer key.
  • If a student’s score is inconsistent with their usual performance, check their answer sheet against their answers in the generated report.
  • Our system interprets light marks as unanswered questions and stray marks or incomplete erasures as multiple responses to a questions, which is considered an incorrect answer.
  • An improperly recorded PID will result in a student exam unable to be paired with your roster. Look for names in ALL CAPS to indicate this error.

Reporting Features in Digital Desk Instructor Tools

From the Reports tab you can release student scores and also view various types of data reports. When you press the big red button to release student grades, the student will receive an email directing them to the Exam Scanning Services website where they will login through the student portal. Here they will only be able to see their exam. If you chose “scores with details” on our in-take form, the student will be able to see correct and incorrect responses. If you chose “score only”, the student will only see the grade. You may also choose to release student grades through Sakai; there is a data file formatted for this on the Custom Reports tab.


This is a score distribution graph that provides a nice visual to see how most of your students scored on the exam.


This PDF shows you which letter you selected as the answer, and how many points for each question.


This is an Excel file with all of the individual answers given per student and their grades.


Contains 2 Excel sheets:

  • One is an editable data file that resembles the Roster Report, containing the scores, bonus points, and grades for each student
  • The second file, called MISSED RESPONSE ANALYSIS, displays information on which wrong answers were selected. This may be helpful in determining trends for how students respond to a particular question. The BLANKS are correct answers. A Question Mark signals that the student did not answer the question, and a Star means the student bubbled multiple letters, which is unreadable by the scanner.


This PDF provides an in-depth analysis of how well students performed on your exam. This report provides information on the percentage of students who answered each question correctly, how often a response was selected, the strength of your questions, and also the mean and standard deviation for each question.


This is an easy to read PDF that shows an alphabetical list of students with points and grade percentages. Again, notice that when the student’s name is in ALL CAPS, this means the PID was not found on your roster.


This PDF provides individual student score reports- one student per page. How this report looks depends on whether you chose “Score Only” or “Details” on the In-take form. If you chose SCORE ONLY, this report will show only the student’s score and grade percentage. If you chose SCORE WITH DETAILS, this gives the student information on what questions they got wrong, and what the correct answer was. As this prints one student per page, this is useful if you wanted to hand these back to your students. This is the same information the student will see if you release grades through our website using the red button.