Exporting or Importing a Profile in Identity Finder

If you get a new computer, you may want to export your Identify Finder profile from your old machine to the new one. If you performed an IDF scan on the old machine, the old profile would contain locations that you ignored due to false positives. If you migrated your documents to a new computer, the new IDF scan would not flag those items again. Exporting/Importing a profile is also useful if you are scanning various network locations on a file server from different computers.

  • Importing/Exporting can be accessed by going to the Configuration tab.
  • Then click on Settings.

Configuration > Settings

Exporting a Profile

  • Click on Profile on the left column.
  • Click on Export to save all of your settings.

Settings > Profile > Export

  • A window will appear stating that the information will be saved in clear text. This is okay as the Ignore List only contains file names and locations, NOT sensitive data. Click Yes.

Perform Export Prompt

  • Choose a location to save the xml setting file.

Save Profile XML Setting File

  • You can now import the profile into a new Identity Finder install


Importing a Profile

  • To import your profile into a new Identity Finder install, click on Profile under Settings.
  • Click on Import.
  • Locate the previously exported profile xml file and click Open.

Settings > Profile > Import

  • You will then be prompted to Merge or Replace any existing settings.

Replace or Merge Imported Profile

  • Once you select your option, you can then check the Ignore Location in Settings to ensure the import was successful.