Frequently Asked Questions about the Listserv Web Interface

How do I login to the Listserv Web Interface?

Visit then click on ListManager.  Then click on LOGIN.

Why can’t I enter a list?

Some lists allow members only to read archived messages. You will need to subscribe or log in before you can access these lists.

Why can’t I join a list?

You may need to confirm your membership before you can join it. Check your email to see the status of your membership.

Depending on its settings, a list may be closed, or require the administrator’s permission before you may join. You may go to the About tab and click on the administrator’s email address if you have any questions about the list.

Why can’t I send a message?

Most lists require that you be a member before you may post a message. Be sure that you are a member, and that you have logged in.

The list may also require that an administrator approve your message before it is sent to the list. In these cases, it may take some time before the administrator reads and approves your message.

Why can’t I read or search for messages in a list?

Some lists only allow members to read messages. If you are already a member, you may need to log in to read messages.

Not all lists keep message archives, or keep archives for a limited period of time. You may go to the About tab and click on the administrator’s email address if you have any questions about the list.

Why don’t I see all lists on the server? I know there are others!

Some administrators may choose to hide their lists, so they are not visible when you click All lists. You may still go to these lists directly, but you cannot browse for them.

Lists are also grouped into different sites. You need to log into a list for that site to see that group of lists.

Why Can’t I Log in?

Make sure that you are adding the final slash to the URL if you are getting an authentication window.

If you are a member of several lists on the server with different email addresses or passwords, the lists you have access to will depend on the email address/password combination you provide when you try to log in. If you do not have a password for some lists, but you have one for others, you will need to provide your password to access any of your lists, even those for which you do not have a password.

If you are not a member of any list, you should click on All lists in order to subscribe. Server and site administrators must be members of a list in order to log in.

Why do I keep getting asked to log in?

If you do not log in successfully, the interface assumes that you made a mistake. Click on the Messages or All lists tabs if you’d like to stop trying to log in.